HMS Consulting can provide a variety of services related to business development within the maritime industry. These services include new business development, as well as optimization of existing operations.

Business Plans


Our team can take an in-depth look at the company to identify long-term goals and create a plan to effectively and efficiently reach them.

Feasibility Studies


If your business is considering a new venture or operational area, we can perform a feasibility study to see which option will be the most cost-effective and profitable.

Strategic Planning


We can provide assistance in looking at long-term goals, organizing a plan beyond daily operations and leading a management team to a strategy that will be sustainable and profitable.

Product Development


Product Development helps any business stay current. Our team can help develop fresh ideas and/or find ways to carry out them out successfully.

Operational Optimization


Many organizations suffer from small operational inefficiencies without realizing the stress it places on the business. We will look at all areas of operations, identify key areas and offer suggestions to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Market Analysis

& Demand Projections


In order to best serve your client, you must know the market. A market analysis and demand projection can identify the target market and its potential pertaining to your current business.

Financial Modeling


We have the capability to create financial models related to any of your assets to predict the performance and risks associated with various possible scenarios.