John Sainsbury

President, HMS Consulting & Technical


As a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master, John brings over twenty years of maritime experience to the HMS Consulting and Technical team. As a dedicated professional of the transportation industry and business management in general, he brings an additional level of expertise in project management, planning and technical consulting.


John is a marine transportation graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY, also completing minor studies in marine engineering. Additionally, John has completed various studies in project management and business management. He currently holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master’s license for vessels to 1,600 gross tons, any oceans. He has sailed in various sectors of the industry, including deep sea, towing, passenger and general cargo, thereby gaining valuable experience before moving ashore as a manager. Over the years John has progressed through marine operational management positions in the passenger vessel industry to the level of President and General Manager. He has provided valuable maritime consulting services, to include; Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Vessel Construction and Repair, Business Planning and Feasibility and Financial Analysis. He brings an exceptional level of operational experience, business management knowledge and project management skills to the HMS Global Maritime team.

Daniel Frank

Technical Director, HMS Consulting & Technical


Daniel brings extensive engineering, leadership, and project management experience to the position of Technical Director for HMS Consulting and Technical. He monitors and directs all internal and project site engineering personnel regarding services provided, ongoing repairs and maintenance, monitoring and trend analysis, planning and execution of vessel overhauls, and capital projects. Additionally, he works closely with John Sainsbury to continue the growth of HMS Consulting & Technical, serving as a key member of the Project Support Team.


Daniel brings over 25 years of naval engineering experience with the U.S. Coast Guard, both afloat as Chief Engineer, and shoreside providing engineering and logistics support. He sailed extensively throughout remote and unforgiving regions of the Pacific, ranging from the Bering Sea and the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and crossed the Atlantic sailing aboard the Barque EAGLE. He commanded the U.S. Coast Guard shore side naval engineering support unit in Seattle, providing dry-dock, maintenance, and logistics support for all cutters, buoy tenders, and patrol boats in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. While assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard engineering center of excellence in Baltimore, MD, Daniel served as the Icebreaker Branch Chief, providing systems support for the entirety of the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaking fleet. He has provided technical oversight and leadership for system redesign and upgrades, and for establishing logistics support for new acquisitions. Daniel holds a Masters of Science degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and a Masters of Science in Engineering Management from the University of New Orleans, and is a graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Michael J. Doctor

Project Manager, HMS Consulting & Technical


Michael has over 20 years of experience in the Marine Industry. While advancing his Merchant Marine credentials he attended Western Washington University’s, College of Business and Economics where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Management. Upon graduation Michael returned to sea to put his leadership skills to the test while sailing as a Merchant Marine Deck Officer on board Unlimited Class vessels.


In addition to serving in roles such as Marine Superintendent and Port Captain Michael has worked on a variety of projects including the Deep-Water Horizon hydrostatic kill in the Gulf of Mexico as well as proving trials and Customer Acceptance Tests at Jurong Shipyard in Singapore. Michael has served as Designated Person for ISM code compliant Safety Management Systems and has mastered the regulatory framework that governs the marine industry.


Michael’s academic background combined with his Merchant Marine credentials and experience offer a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Coursework in leadership and management as well as his experience working with crews from all over the world provide Michael with the skills to function at a high level in a variety of capacities.


Taking ownership of our safety culture, executing precise strategies, multitasking, teamwork, and supervision are among Michael’s core strengths. Throughout his career he has been entrusted with these responsibilities and many other special projects and has provided results.