Our philosophy is based on sharing the knowledge, skills and experiences we have gained over time by customizing a plan to fit the needs of each client, ultimately reaching an optimal outcome. The HMS Consulting team has worked diligently to obtain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to offer a vast and unique set of services, specific to the needs of many maritime businesses. We strive to fully understand the situation of each client, so that we can assist them in meeting their goals in a timely, cost-efficient and sustainable manner. The maritime industry presents businesses with distinct challenges that occasionally require the knowledge of an educated and experienced team, which is where we have a presence.


The core values established within our parent company, HMS Global Maritime, carry throughout our work each and every day. We take pride in honoring safety first, teamwork, integrity, innovation and service excellence with each decision of every project. Commitment to these core values has allowed us to successfully serve many clients for over 20 years.

“At HMS Consulting, we leverage the extensive experience and talented resources of HMS Global Maritime to provide a comprehensive suite of maritime consulting services to our clients. Client success is achieved through the efficient application of these strategic and tactical advantages, applied through proven project management disciplines.”


— John Sainsbury, President, HMS Consulting