HMS Consulting appreciates the critical importance of safety and risk management in the maritime environment. We can assist clients with not only understanding and meeting the regulatory requirements, but also exceeding them to provide the most benefit.

ISM Code / Safety Management Systems


Whether mandated by regulation or to implement best management practices, HMS Consulting is intimately familiar with and experienced in the development, implementation and maintenance of safety management systems. These systems can be tailored to your operations while meeting all regulatory requirements.



HMS Consulting can guide you through the applicable security regulations to ensure your operations not only meet requirements, but are genuinely secure. We have extensive experience in performing assessments, developing both vessel and facility security plans and coordinating security exercises and drills.

Risk Assessments


An invaluable management tool, we can guide you through the highly effective risk assessment process to better understand where your greatest institutional perils exist and how best to mitigate those threats. HMS Consulting works closely with your organization to ensure the risk assessment accurately reflects your reality, and mitigation steps are understood and embraced at all levels.

Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping Compliance (STCW)


Let HMS Consulting guide you through the ever-changing and complicated requirements of the STCW Code. In today’s maritime industry, your crew are your most valuable asset, therefore it is imperative to invest in their training, education and development. We can help you identify the most efficient ways to develop your employees while still meeting regulatory requirements.

High Speed Craft (HSC) Code


Our parent company, HMS Global Maritime, has been at the forefront of HSC Code compliance for over a decade. With highly experienced trainers and operators, we can help you navigate the HSC Code requirements, develop required manuals and provide type-rating training.

Environmental Management Programs


As sustainability becomes more prevalent in the industry, whether by regulatory mandate, social expectations or efficiency gains, management programs are a necessary element to ensure you achieve the most benefit from your actions. No matter how simple or far-reaching your environmental goals are, HMS Consulting can assist you with developing and implementing suitable management systems to help you realize your goals.

Guidance on Development of a Safety Culture


Systems are only as effective as the culture that drives them, but culture is not automatic, nor can it remain static. Culture can be changed or modified to ensure your operations are safe and efficient. HMS Consulting can guide you through the process of developing a lasting safety culture that will reduce your risk of incidents and accidents while invigorating and motivating your workforce to continually strive for improvement.