HMS Consulting provides technical services to support and enhance existing operations, to design and implement engineering management solutions and to manage capital improvement projects or new construction.

Marine Engineering


HMS Global Maritime has a global presence with extensive maritime experience in various sectors of the industry, including military operations, commercial ferry and cruise operations, and high-latitude vessel operation and maintenance in extreme environments. This combined experience is an organizational strength applied to marine engineering solutions for you.

Failure Analysis


Our talented group of engineers and vessel operators bring many years of experience to provide system point-of-failure analyses to mitigate and prevent failures, and to provide thorough analyses of failures after they occur.

Asset Procurement/Vetting


It is absolutely critical, in a maritime operation, to operate the appropriate vessel and vessel type, to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. HMS Consulting brings the full experience and dedication of the HMS Global Maritime organization to provide a complete assessment of operational requirements and asset viability. We also stand ready to provide procurement solutions and assistance.

Construction Management


HMS Consulting offers comprehensive ‘beginning to end’ construction management services and strategically-designed procurements; from establishing operational requirements and vessel specifications, through shipyard selection, construction oversight and quality assurance, to complete sea trials and crew training, including review of initial logistics, operations and maintenance support documents – such as technical drawings and equipment documentation.

Overhaul Planning & Management


Similar to construction management, HMS Consulting offers a full suite of overhaul planning and management services, from drafting overhaul specifications through cost estimating, shipyard selection, and contract oversight.

Engineering Management Systems


HMS Consulting provides assistance in developing and customizing engineering management systems to support environmental compliance, safety management, operational effectiveness and engineering program excellence.